Rhino course in Turkey 🇪🇺🇹🇷

This experience took placein Turkey more precisely in ... a little city where I had the opportunity to take a Rhino course to teach how to project 3D object for the Jewelry market.


Here there are some link about what we have done during this amazing experience:

  1. https://www.haber46.com.tr/amp/guncel/kahramanmarasli-kuyumculara-ksu-tasarim-ve-3d-modelleme-merkezinde-h377672.html

  2. https://www.haberler.com/kahramanmaras-ta-kuyumculara-italyan-tasarimci-14745882-haberi/

  3. https://www.sondakika.com/haber/haber-kahramanmaras-ta-kuyumculara-italyan-tasarimci-14745882/

These are some shots that they took during the lessons to document the event...

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